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Poster: garthus Date: Aug 8, 2009 6:16pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: FTP and making things more diffucult

Adobe Acrobat 9 and the delusion of Complexity

Just take a look at what the idiots at Adobe have done to version 9.0 of Adobe Acrobat. From installation, to configuration, to using the application; they have changed and further complicated a once very functional interface. Where this will end is pretty evident. I now use Foxit and PDF-maker, both open source products, and they completely replace that bloated and now almost useless version of acrobat. Click on Foxit and it actually opens up in a few seconds , is easy to use and never crashes even the most sluggish windows box. American software manufactures have gone down the road of being heavily influenced by their corrupt and decadent culture which values looks and making a buck at any cost, over customer service. Enjoy it while it lasts because the American time in the spotlight is nearing its end, just as all previous cultures which chose to descend into the depths of decadence and corruption by placing their values on material things at any cost.

Our goal should be to make it easier to place materials up on the archive in the most optimal manner as is possible. People working as volunteers do not like wasting their time because someone thought something looked good. The system should help the process run better, not complicate it but causing it to become more unstable. A micro-soft or Firefox update should not cause a good system to break; that happens when developers leave their brains behind and concentrate of the visual aspects of their egos.